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EffectGives the crew some protection, but allows the possibility of them being shot out of and reducing the effectiveness of the weapon.
Example(s)M3 AT Gun, PAK 38, Half track
DescriptionCrewed units are likely to be vehicles or a weapon systems that require more than one person to operate. A crewed unit has the crew exposed and vulnerable to a variable degree. For disambiguation, a tank has a crew who operates it, but the crew is not exposed, so it's considered armored rather than crewed. Some vehicles might contain a driver, a gunner and other weapon systems, for example a cannon where there is a gunner and a loader. If one of the crew dies, the vehicle/weapon system will still be able to operate but with limited results. If all of the crew members die, the weapon system will cease to function. Most of the time though, it is possible to replace the dead crewman with another.
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