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Crates, oh crates. When one is dropped, it will make someone happy (most of the time...).

Crates can contain many things, some of which are worthless, some of which can really help. Crates can contain one of seven things:

An unknown crateā€ˇ
A crate being grabbed by a soldier.
  • Things like "Field Manuals", "Weapon Manuals", "Propaganda" or "Letters From Home" that give everybody in your squad a bonus to rifle skill, exp, or morale.
  • Things like "Ammo", "Maps and New Orders", and "Rations", which give you extra Tactical Points.
  • "Armor plates", which give +100 Health to all your deployed vehicles.
  • Arguably the best crates are ones containing free soldiers, especially SpecOps.
  • Some crates are useless except for the three exp they give to a soldier and contain things like "105 mm shells", "swimsuits", and "diapers". But since crates give the opener 3 exp, they are good to get anyway, as long as it doesn't involve going into the line of fire.
  • Vital info, reducing flankers by one. Be noted: This crate might be only available in the Airborne Challenge.
  • Lastly, there is the highly controversial Detailed Orders. They decrease the wave number by 15, and is considered useless by veteran players as the decrease affects wave-dependent medals like the Silver Star. They are, however, good on early games where they can decrease the number of Germans significantly, giving you an opportunity to build defences. Late waves though, it doesn't do much good.


If a crate falls into the hands of the Germans, it will cause them to instantly spawn another wave with no TP for you.

The Detailed Orders crates lower your logical wave counter by 15 waves, but they can't make your counter go below 0.

Fun Facts

When a crate explodes, lots of props will come out: Teddy bears, Tooth-brushes, plastic Xmas Trees, papers, apples, bananas, socks and pants.

Enjoy the fireworks!

All crates give the soldier who opened it, 3 exp. So you can send a soldier which needs exp for it, like Frenchies (if you want a Legion d' Honneur ribbon or if you want to send them to sabotage), medics (with more exp, they heal faster), and finally, officers.

You can get the I Like Pie Ribbon in a random crate.

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