Counter Arty Strike

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Xx command 4support 08counterarty.gif
A Signaler and an ongoing enemy arty strike.
Pinpoints enemy artillery positions and disables them for the next strike.

An unusual call, but one that will help you drastically when you are under arty attack.

The Counter-Arty Strike costs 2 TP and can only be used when you are under arty attack. If the attack ends before the call is completed, the call gets canceled and you will not get your points back.

If, however, the counterattack works, the source is triangulated and attacked by the Allies and forces the enemy to abort the next one, whenever that may be – even if it is an arty blitz! However, the Counter Arty will not cancel the current strike.

Mind that, since your time frame is so small, you might want to build an Antenna to help your signaler call your counter-arty strike in time. A high exp signaler is quicker making calls, so sitrep spamming before later waves can be helpful. Also important to remember that incoming smoke screen does not allow use of Counter Artillery.

If you pull off 25 of these you get a ribbon.

Real Life

Counter-artillery during WW2 was largely done by aerial surveillance, espionage and by gathering reports of enemy artillery activity. Positions found by airplanes or through espionage were attacked via air or bombed by friendly artillery. During World War 1, balloons and patrols were also used to find possible locations where artillery fire was coming. In modern day UAV's and radars have become more important in locating enemy battery locations.

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