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Goddamnit, fire your rifles! - A desperate Officer.
Concentrate Fire
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An Officer has a 60-second cooldown (30 with Infantry Specialist Ribbon).
All infantry units fire at a target.
Allows you to concentrate your firepower on one enemy unit. Due to its timer though, you should use it wisely.

Concentrate Fire causes all your infantry units to fire at a single designated target until it is dead, in tiny pieces or the soldier runs out of ammo, for free. It requires an Officer in your squad, and it allows you to momentarily increase your response to any specific threat that your units were not dealing with properly. It has a cooldown period of 60 seconds (30 with the Infantry Specialist Ribbon), so use it only when really necessary. Alternatively, you can turn to issuing an All Around Defense order although it costs an extra Tactical Point.

Often some units will not respond to Concentrate Fire. This is because they were already busy at the time you issued the command, usually with reloading or finishing a firing sequence. Concentrating fire circumvents the reload time of bazookas and mortars, allowing them to instantly fire again.

Concentrate fire is NOT effective when your infantry units are equipped with low fire rate and/or low capacity weapons like the Springfield, since after one or two shots the soldiers will reload and target another enemy, potentially leaving the threat just pinned and not dead. It is much more effective with automatic weapons and large groups as your men will provide much larger volumes of fire towards the target.

Concentrate Fire working against an Infiltrator.

Concentrate fire can work against cloaked units like the German Sniper or the Brandenburg Infiltrator.

Vehicles do not respond to Concentrate Fire. Thus, the command may not be worth using on enemy tanks and the like if you are relying on vehicles of your own to destroy them.

If you use concentrate fire on an enemy in the middle of CQC with one of your troops, you possibly can save his life if he is losing. This can also lead to the unit not being able to fire for some time.

Fun Facts

  • If you somehow manage to concentrate fire on a corpse, you will get the message "This German is dead already, give him a break".
  • You can not use it on your units
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