Close Protection

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Close Protection
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Rank Required:
Gives you 12 TP to build your squad with at the start.
"Close Protection. Start with 12 points and build your squad from scratch. Must be major to use this option."
— Official game quote



Instead of starting out with 4 soldiers already picked for you, you get to choose your own squad. This option has you start the game with 12 Tactical Points, but no soldiers, allowing you to build your squad yourself. This is unlocked when you achieve the rank of Major. Some Medals give you free units, they will not be affected when choosing this option. It does help if you get free units at the start of this e.g. an officer.

What is it like?

Heaven, after having to use either four grunts or four "randomly chosen" Frenchies (happens on rare occasions with Hasty Defense). You can choose your own squad, so it can be anything from a lone Sarge to 12 Frenchies. This makes it easy to start your strategy and saves time withdrawing troops as you would from a standard deployment. Because of this, many Strategies require you to have a Close Protection start. Close Protection and Proper Planning are the 2 standard game deployments that are the most customizable.


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Other Facts

  • Close Protection is sometimes seen as the best deployment option, and many people use only this once they unlock it.
  • This is the one of the most customizable of all the deployment options.

Pictures from the start of Close Protection (Frenchie spam!)

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