Close Combat Ribbon

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Close Combat Ribbon
Close Combat Ribbon.png
Issued when your soldiers beat 100 enemies to death.
CQC damage is increased by 10%
Real Life Medal?

War has evolved many times throughout the centuries as people find more, *cough*, innovative ways to kill each other on a large scale. Think back to medieval times, when the machine gun was a longbow and crossbows were the anti-tank missiles. Then came the invention of gunpowder, which revolutionized battle by allowing war to be fought at range, without putting oneself in direct harm. As more innovative uses of gunpowder were invented, combat by limbs became obsolete.

However, the U.S. Army is willing to reward commanders who will still kill people the old-fashioned way. You must beat 100 Germans to death (not in real life...), and the army will provide better training for CQC (+10% damage). This is awesome when stacked with bayonets and good ol' Sarge or high morale Officer.

A good way to get this ribbon is to deploy sarge, give him a bayonet, move him next to nearby Germans, and watch some Nazi slaughter.

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