Close Aerial Support

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See also the German CAS.
Close Aerial
Xx command 4support 03closeair.gif
A Signaler and an Officer.
Rakes the top half of the battlefield with heavy aircraft fire which resembles flak rounds.

Aerial Close Support, Close Aerial Support (CAS), Aerial Support, Strafe Fire or Close Air Support - whatever you call it, it's all the same.

Close Air Support is a cheap, effective, and easy way to pin down, kill or annihilate the enemy. It involves an Allied Airplane swooping down and unleashing rounds of hell on the enemy with its cannons. CAS fires 17 rounds on the top half of the field, landing in 20 pixel increments starting at the midfield line. The last two rounds will land on the very top of the screen.

Usually only effective against infantry. It's used in anti-Blitz Wave strategies. If you're feeling evil Evil.gif, use this on a Volkssturm Blitz.

  • Use this enough times and you will earn the Air Command Ribbon.
  • This support is relatively useful against enemy snipers and large crowds of Germans.
  • This is useful for destroying crates you can't reach in time, keeping them out of German hands.
  • This is commonly used to counter sniper blitz and infiltrator blitz as if you hit a sniper or infiltrator, it reveals and pins them, giving you a small chance to kill.

Real Life

This strategy was not widely used in WW2, but was in Vietnam. During WW2, this would realistically only be done to destroy landed enemy planes or to eliminate high value personnel, eg. pilots or artillery emplacements. Fighter planes were restricted to air missions and wouldn't often be assigned to aid an army unit because of the large risk of enemy personnel returning fire with batteries and machine guns. Many of the casualties in Pearl Harbor were inflicted this way by the Japanese fighters after they released their torpedo and bomb payloads. Also many armoured vehicles were dispatched this way as the allies advanced through Normandy and the rest of France, though usually fighter planes especially designed for these mission which were armed with rockets were used.

The effect of close air support on a freshly deployed German blitz
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