Charred Body

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Charred Body
Dead burnt soldier.png
None other than a bit of sadness for the poor soul.
Burnt human remains.
He looked up, Sarge had shouted, the next thing he knew he was being consumed by a wave of searing flame, it felt as though all his nerves were being scraped against a cheese grater, he knew he should stop, drop and roll but the agony was too intense, he ran towards his friends, hoping for sympathy, but instead one screamed and started running, flames licking at his clothes, the pain had reached his head now, it felt as though his eyballs were melting out of his head and like his tongue had been cut out, he, or rather, what was left of him collapsed in a charred heap on the ground, two pure white eyes staring up at the sky...

This is what's left after a poor devil has been thoroughly consumed by flames from a flamer. Though looking like a black barricade, he is just a dead human, who reminds you he has no real tactical worth, except giving you satisfaction if the burnt remnants were a German and a sad feeling if it was one of your guys.

If you are in command of a Flamethrower, expect to see this often.

Fun Facts

  • If you zoom in you can see two big white eyes staring at you. So maybe he is not dead after all?
  • The remains will look the same, no matter what side the soldier was from before being burned.
  • If there is no obvious source of ignition, you never know, it could be a case of Spontaneous Human Combustion!
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