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Advanced tactics

The threat to LRRP operations posed by QRF and dog teams will be significant during some operations. Before deployment on a mission the team must learn QRF capabilities and tactics the enemy may use in relation to their heat score. An effort must be made to study terrain and vegetation types, local movement patterns, including those of civilians and domestic animals in order to best use the terrain and situation to the teams advantage. This is usually done on the fly as soon as you hit the ground.

Proper route selection and integration of covert recon techniques into the plan will minimize the threat of detection. After detection the team must assume that in many situations highly skilled combat QRF teams may be brought in to hunt down and help destroy the team. Once the team is certain that it is being hunted it must make every effort to evade by employing a combination of covert and overt recon. These are methods not only to avoid and evade QRF or dog teams since tracking dogs and QRF will often work together. If a dog loses the scent the dog team and the QRF will both work to regain contact with the evader. These techniques can be divided into two categories, covert and overt recon techniques.

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