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Each soldier in Recon can be equipped with 4 items to take with them on a mission with each different item having various benefits uses. While some items can give passive benefits to the equipped soldier or multiple soldiers, others may be deployed on the ground, thrown, or actively used on a person/target. All items however have a bulk value which increases the soldier's potential for noise and a quantity.

LRPs used the same equipment as was carried by conventional infantrymen, although the gear was tailored for LRP missions according to duration, mission requirements, and terrain. A factor differentiating LRP equipment requirements from conventional infantrymen was that every man had to be self-sufficient in case he was separated from his team. Not all conventional infantrymen carried a map, compass, air-ground marking gear, and smoke grenades, for example. A good deal of ordnance was carried by each man, usually more than their conventional counterparts.

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