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Here you can find each and every ribbon/medal/award that there currently is in the game. Well, except for when new medals are released and urb will rather let you find them by yourself ;-). The ones you see below are currently coded in the game, but eventually there will be a total of 52 medals.

For those who prefer to view all medals, please see the List of medals or the medal image.(Note: the image is missing a few medals).

If you're going after all the medals for your profile (God help you), please be aware that a bunch of them must be had before a certain number of games are played in your career. If you pass this limit without achieving them, your only recourse is to reset and try again. These medals are as follows:

Assault Expert Award
Requires an average of 50 kills per mission in the first 10 games.
Defence Expert Award
Requires an average of 50 waves survived in the first 10 games.
Meritorious Unit Commendation
1,000 waves survived before the 25th game.
Mud and Blood Cross
5,000 waves survived before the 51st game.
Infantry Specialist Ribbon
Have less than 1,000 total men deployed by your 51st mission.
Victoria Cross
Survive 10,000 enemy waves before the 100th mission, while deploying less than 2,500 men.

See also: Specific Medal Guides.


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