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"A short musical cue is all you get when all Hell is about to break free."

Blitz Waves are pretty much hell to a rookie, tough to a veteran, and fun to an expert.

They come in many different forms, including Artillery (1-20 rounds), Blitzkrieg (tanks, Sd. Kfz. 251s, and Kubelwagens), Combined Arms (infantry and vehicles), Mobile Artillery (Nebelwerfers and PAK-38s), Paratrooper Blitz (10 or so paratroopers simultaneously), Brandenburg Blitz (Many Brandenburg units infiltrate from the sides) and Special Weapons (Panzerschrecks and German Flamethrower).

The bad news is, since the game is randomized, Blitz Waves can happen at any time. The good news is, they are rare before wave 25, giving you time to prepare. Other good news, if the Blitz Wave appears before wave 25, it's nerfed up a bit (usually).

Also, they give you many more Tactical Points than a normal wave (5).

The Germans change their tactics every time 100 German units have been deployed since the last tactics change, or since the game started. If that's right when you have a Blitz, it will reset all the impending vehicles. But if you are not as fortunate, there are many strategies to cope with them, explained with the blitz itself.

Unofficial Reason:Why are there blitz waves? To make sure not even experts can surpass 500-1,000 waves, as they are very unfair.

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