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Frenchie VS. Brandenburger
NameHand-To-Hand Combat.
Applied when:When opposing soldiers get too close to each other.
EffectsLowers health of hit enemy by a non-variable from 1 to 100
DescriptionCQC, H2H, Close-Quarters-Combat, Close-Quarters-Battle, Hand-To-Hand Combat, melee, they all mean the same thing-fighting without the use of ranged weapons.
  • This happens when your units stumble upon a German at exactly the right position and they start fighting old school. In truth, this could go either way: there are Volkssturms that have killed Officers in battle before running away.
  • However, please note that Sarge has twice the CQC damage that other units have (@#!*% yeah!), and that you will be much more likely to kill an enemy in hand-to-hand with a Sarge.
  • Morale and Exp can play a vital part in determining who walks away from the fight, which is why the 12 SS Panzer is such a threat in Hand-to-Hand combat. A CQC kill by your soldier does give him 2 Exp instead of the regular 1 Exp. More exp means your units will hit more often.
  • It is possible for two Germans to engage one of your men at the same time, but two of your men cannot engage one German at the same time. Your other men may be able to fire at Germans in CQC, but unfortunately, this happens rarely...
  • Medics will not fight back if engaged in CQC, and will eventually be killed, so pay attention. Luckily, you can just order them to move away from the fight. Snipers can be ordered to move away from a CQC fight as well. Also, multiple snipers can engage one German at once, quickly killing him.

After getting 100 registered CQC kills, you can get the Close Combat Ribbon, which boosts damage in CQC by 10% (meaning Sarge will deal 220% damage in CQC!!!).

A good tip if you want that medal is to build Palisades, which block the Line of Sight, so no one can fire, and to order tons of Frenchies to fight with German forces since they, too, have a CQC bonus.

Equip a bayonet to any unit for +50 CQC damage! Great to use if you want to get that medal. However, note that blows in CQC can be blocked, which means that even if your soldier hit a German twice with a bayonet, that enemy unit may still be alive.

If your unit is losing the CQC battle, use concentrate fire on the enemy. Yes, it does work, but be careful as your unit might be pinned for a while after winning the CQC in this way.
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