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Std structure bunker.gif
  • Protects troops from most forms of enemy fire;
  • Lowers troops fire rate;
  • Boosts gunner's fire rate;
  • Grenades, Rockets, and Mortars cannot be fired out of the bunker;
  • Increases chance of death by fire.
  • Rifle Grenades can be shot out of the bunker
This protects your troops and offers a slight fire rate bonus for the Gunner unit only. Can only be destroyed by a direct hit from most explosive weapons (rockets and up).

The Bunker is the ultimate protection against all forms of attacks. It can still be destroyed by a dead on attack from large explosives (Bazooka rounds and up) it is quite the building, sticking meatshields inside of one is a good idea.

The area immediately around the bunker is a dead zone for troops because explosive weaponry will hit the immediate area around the bunker if it does not hit dead on (For example, an AT gun round).

Fun Facts

The Bunker offers the most tactical Buffs of all available structures. It is one of the most common structures in the game as it is often used in nearly every strategy for it's ability to easily withstand grenade and mortar fire.

One of the most popular tactics, for example, uses a gunner for the bonus to firing rate and a french resistance soldier in front to soak up any incoming bullets.

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