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Std structure bunker.gif
  • Protects troops from most forms of enemy fire;
  • Lowers troops' fire rate;
  • Boosts gunner's fire rate;
  • Grenades, Rockets, and Mortars cannot be used in the bunker;
  • Increases chance of death by fire.
  • Rifle Grenades can be shot out of the bunker.
This protects your troops and offers a slight fire rate bonus for the Gunner unit only. Can only be destroyed by a direct hit from most explosive weapons (rockets and up).
A bunker with hitbox in red and protection zone in blue.

The Bunker is the ultimate protection against all forms of attacks. It can still be destroyed by a dead on attack from large explosives (Bazooka rounds and up), but it is quite the building. Sticking meatshields inside of one is a good idea.

The area immediately around the bunker is a dead zone for troops because explosive weaponry will hit this area if it does not hit dead on (for example, an AT gun round).

But beware, commanders should know that bunkers render most troops partially ineffective (extreme fire-rate lowering), with the exception of gunners. The following units and weapons are rendered almost completely or completely ineffective:

It has been known that the Bunker may create a Trench instead despite showing the Bunker overlay before placement regardless of use of hotkeys or mouseclick. This is caused by low framerate, and thus can be avoided by placing bunkers in lulls between waves or after the clean function removes craters.

Invincible bunker exploit

In the previous versions (before Patch 2.3) it was possible to place 2 bunkers close to each other to create Invincible Bunker, which made it practically impossible to lose both bunkers and the men inside it at the same time. Now bunkers can't be built too close to each other making SuckyJack's findings obsolete.

Real Life

Bunkers in real life are underground concrete structures built to defend soldiers from incoming explosives (like our Pillbox). For the most part, they were indestructible and a bazooka round would not be able to blow one to bits. However, our bunker (according to the visual) is not underground and in fact has cracks inside it - perhaps this is the source of the vulnerability. In addition, bunkers were not very frequent in WWII since most of the fighting was either done off of home turf or offensively, neither requiring a stationary defensive fortification. Furthermore, if you were to lose the battle, the bunker would go to your enemy, and bunkers do not instantly spawn - they are concrete structures requiring much time and effort.

Fun Facts

  • The Bunker offers the most tactical buffs of all available structures. It is one of the most common structures in the game as it is often used in nearly every strategy for its ability to easily withstand grenade and mortar fire.
  • In real life, if one tries fire a bazooka inside a bunker, it is most possible that the operators will get fried to a crisp due to the trapped exhaust flames. This problem is retained by the M72 LAW so Recoilless rocket weapons has a design criteria of exhaust fumes' volume.
  • There's a bug when you buy a bunker a message says "buy an bunker for 10 tactical points" but really it only costs 5 tp.
  • When a bunker blows up, it has the same animation as blowing up a rock.
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