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Ico semiprotected.gif
Axis Unit
Std unit axis brandenburger idle.gif
Average stats:
Health Rifle Exp
100 random 25-75
Morale Speed Priority
25-75 10px/s Low
These elite units enter from the side of the screen at a random point and are itching to score some kills.
"This is a member of the secret unit called the Brandenburg. They are infiltration masters and carry a MG26(t)."
— Official game quote

An odd enemy, they wear all brown camo and carry a MG 26(t). Their specialty is the sneak attack/ambush, as they attack you from your flanks. They are somewhat dangerous, but luckily are easy-to-hit targets. Be careful, as they have amazing accuracy at most distances, and can one-hit-kill men in the open. Often confused with Brandenburg Infiltrators which can cross your line without you ever seeing them. He is one of the three Germans who can move and fire at the same time. Their high morale makes them brutal in CQC, and they are also extremely difficult to pin.

Be warned, they are like scouts with a BAR...

Brandenburgers can also come in their own blitzes and unfair events (coming from the rear).

Profile Message

If you get a "Brandenburg" when you enter the game, it's because your profile has been tampered with or corrupted. Either way, it's lost now.

This can be caused by tampering with the time and or date on your personal computer. In other words, don't cheat your computer's clock to get medals like the Xmas or D-Day ribbon, it will bite back.


Above is a picture of the message you get in Mud and Blood 2.2.3 or greater if you try to hack the game.

Fun Facts

  • Brandenburg is also a German city and state.
  • There is also a monument, named the Brandenburg Gate.
  • When they are in CQC, their weapon does not appear as the MG26, but rather as a K98.
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