Brandenburg Blitz

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Brandenburg Blitz
A mass of brandenburgers hits your flanks. Generally kills you, unless you have an awesome squad or many defences.
Brandenburg Blitz.jpg

You know those guys who come at you from the side of the map? There called Brandenburgers, and they can also come in a blitz wave. A lot of them come at you from both sides, MG 26's blazing.

The best thing to do is nothing, as, since they appear within your lines, support will hurt you as well. A thing which you could do is buy a SpecOps, or similar, but he'll probably be pinned and die as soon as he comes on. So just sit, pray, and hopefully your men will kill them all. Often a Game Ender for the rookie.

How Do I Deal With This?

It is always advisable to have a good Gunner in your squad. Most of the time your men should take care of them, but throwing up Mines and TNT is not a bad idea.

A general strategy would be to use All Around Defense to get all your men shooting. Calling in a CAS might not be a bad idea either, just keep your calm.

If your men were entrenched on the left or right hand side of the map, tell them to avoid any CQC as possible, because in a time like this, you need all your men to fire their guns. Brandenburger men have the dreaded MG 26, a very accurate weapon, making them deadly at close range.

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