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A fallen tree branch.

A branch is, in a way, a limb that was torn apart from a living organism. How fitting.

During more peaceful moments than, say, an exchange of live fire between two warring factions, it can be used to skewer marshmallows and roast them over a merry fire made of yet more branches.

Fun Facts

  • In some battlefields, you can see lots of branches, but no trees. This is because MnB 2 randomly generate battlefields with miscellaneous clutter already on them.
  • If MacGyver was on the battle field, he would take some underwear he found in a crate, rip off the elastic fabric and tie it around the 2 top points of the branch. He would then precede to pick up a bunch of rocks and use his new slingshot to fend of the German army until he could find a lull in the waves long enough to create a signal fire with a log and stick.
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