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Branabus's Badges
Made using the Badge Gallery

Branabus is happy! Very happy.gif
Branabus has earned the respect in the wiki of Riderx . Wiki officer.png
This user has achieved Microsoft1122's respect in the wiki Guerrilla Warfare Ribbon.png
This user is respected by AvalancheO File:B.gif
This user is even respected by Death Icon death.gif
This user is the resident СФММЦЙ҂НТ. Std unit axis officer aim.gif

Today is the 6 December 2021. The wiki has had 30,619 edits since it started. There are 1 active users- we need your help! This page was last updated on the 25/03/2011 by Branabus.

See the syntax if you want to know how I did those things.

I've been around since slightly after the wiki was founded (as soon as anyone told me!) Come and admire some of my older handiwork. The M1 Garand. Nowadays I mainly do large amounts of editing for grammar, style and cohesion, but occasionally embark on grandiose projects, such as the movement of the old Strategies page into the new Category: Strategy section. It was I that facilitated the growth of the 'badges' meme on this wiki- I cannot claim responsibility for bringing them to the wiki (riderx did that), but I made several and then made the badges template which made it easy for anyone to do the same. The results stand today. I also made the badges gallery template, which makes it easy to stack badges neatly. It is therefore ironic that I have very few badges in my user space, only ones given to me by other people.

If you want any pictures etc uploading, just ask me.

Tips for basic editors with nothing to do

  • Look in the 'Special pages' section at the 'Double Redirects' and correct them.
  • Check the 'Wanted Pages' section in the same place. These are generally just redirects that need doing.
  • Check the Maintenance Portal for other things to do.
  • Click the Random page as often as you like! 9 times out of 10, something will be wrong with the page that needs rectifying A.S.A.P.

Remember to read the editing and redirects sections before starting!

General tip

If you find yourself making a lot of minor edits, go to your preferences and, in the Editing tab, check 'Mark all edits minor by default'. This makes editing so much easier, but remember to uncheck it for big edits!


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