Bomb Drop

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Bomb Drop
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A Signaler and an Officer.
Drops a single huge bomb on a priority target.

Requires a signaler and an officer.

Commands an aircraft into the area to drop a bomb on the battlefield, although not necessarily on the German lines.

Bombs do massive damage, killing anything within a large radius of the bomb. Bombs are the same size of explosion as a Naval Artillery round. Say goodbye to close proximity units not in Pillboxes and to anything with less than 15 morale if one heads your way, because bombs can terrorize men.

Warning: If you have men close to the middle of the field they might get hurt because the bomb can fall to the middle part of the battlefield, on rare occasions to the bottom part.

Fun Facts

  • Bombs have things like "Have a Nice Day!" written in white on them.

Real Life

A US Navy SBD-5 Dauntless Dive Bomber dropping a bomb.

Air-dropped bombs were invented in WW1 and mostly dropped by hand during the initial stages of the war. By the end of The Great War, designated bombers and high payload bombs had been developed. During World War 2 they were used mostly against cities in bombing raids and were often used in carpet bombings where hundreds of bombs were used to make sure the target gets destroyed. British Air Force bomber tactics involved bombing cities at night while American tactics preferred striking against important strategic targets in German territory at day. They were extremely devastating on Japan where incendiary bombs caused fires to break out in the city and burn all bamboo structures or anything made from wood.

A bomb dropping on a suspected enemy location.
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