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Various Body Parts
Xx gib meatbone.gif
Morale lowerer
When a gib happens, various body parts can fly out, blanketing the battlefield. When a person is shot, a small amount of blood will come out

Gibbing happens on the battlefield inevitably, and can happen to any infantry unit. When a gib happens, it blankets the battlefield in blood, teeth, bones, muscles, and organs, as well as chunks such as spines or legs. These don't have a physical effect, but can lower the morale of your men, just as getting BBQed will. According to a TIP, there are 21 different body parts that can come out, and these are best describe as a landscape feature.

The other part to this is the blood that comes out when a person is shot, perhaps the quickest way to tell if that shot you heard hit or missed. This isn't much of a problem and won't lower morale, but a well placed shot can KO your unit.

And don't worry if you think the battlefield will be eternally covered with these bodily remains, it doesn't. A cleanup function kicks in every ten waves to clean bullet holes and body parts.

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