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Bersimon is the Chief Mod of and is a staff member of Administrator rank in this Wiki. His areas of special interest include HTML and wiki formatting, managing templates, preparing and uploading game sprites, organizing sections, causing massive structural shifts, installing extensions, messing with configuration, coming up with annoying tasks for the NCOs and writing pages and pages of instructions written in incomprehensible vernacular that no one will ever, ever read.

This user lives in Brazil : FlagBrazil.gif
This user is a/an Recognized Editor : Rank9.gif

Bersimon's Rise to Power

an account written by a survivor, who wishes to remain anonymous; abridged edition

Chapter 1 - A Shroud of Mystery

Nobody knows whence he came from, nor why. And for a while, nobody noticed this quiet lurker, meekly mingling in the shadows, peeking above shoulders, weakly applauding or booing in tune with the majorities, never standing out. Occasionally, he would be that anonymous voice that shouted a petty complaint or offered an uninvited suggestion from somewhere far into the crowd.

Slowly, oh so very slowly, this blue-robed figure who would (...)

(...) and then he became Chief Mod.

The End

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