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Allied Unit
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No specialty icon
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Starting equipment:
Average stats:
Health Rifle Exp Morale Speed
100 10-35 0 10-40 10px/s
Good against all mechanized units. This is your only anti-tank infantry.
For the German bazooka, see Panzerschreck

WARNING!: As of Patch 2.3 bazookas can no longer fire under camnets! Their large scale use is now inefficient!

The Bazooka unit, armed with an M1 Bazooka, is a cheap anti-tank unit for the price of 4 TP. Their main drawback is the fact they can not fire under camnets unless an officer orders an All Around Defense or a Concentrate Fire, and can not kill Tigers with 1 shot. They also have backblast when firing which causes 1-4 damage and pins soldiers behind the zook. The 'zook' was one of the first generation anti-tank missiles / rocket propelled grenades. It is in the same family as the iconic cold-war RPG-7.


Allied Unit

The Allied anti-tank unit, the American bazooka excels in destroying crates, trees, and occasionally Germans. They are common in the early game phase of many strategies. For the cost of 4TP, he comes onto the battlefield armed only with a bazooka and is notorious for friendly fire. This however has been greatly reduced in a patch to revive the use of bazookas.

An M1 Bazooka, as used in-game

Strategic Use

The Bazooka unit is among the primary ways of eliminating armor targets quick and reliably, but are relatively vulnerable. Generally it is recommended to have at least 2 units to take down vehicles during the game and to eliminate stacks of enemies. A good tip is to use the concentrate fire command on vehicles and to do so straight after they have already launched a rocket (preferably one a different target). When doing this try to prioritize vehicles in terms of killing capabilities, proximity to border and their danger factor. Therefore it is recommended to destroy the heavily armoured vehicles with the bazooka and to let the rest of your squad to engage the soft skinned vehicles like bikes and Kubels. The recommended order of destruction is Wespe, tanks (heavier first) , SdKfz, Opel Blitzwagen, Kubelwagen and finally Zundapp KS750. However, the bazooka is also very good at engaging blitz waves of enemy troops due to stacks of enemies to be affected by blast damage and lesser need of accuracy due to numerous targets to hit. Outside of blitzes and vehicles engagement Bazookas will succeed to gib various troops and earn their own exp. A high-ranked Bazooka can be a very effective unit, but may take time to level. It is recommended to use them to fetch crates behind your front line (close to your spawn site rather than the enemy's). If you have multiple bazookas try to spread them out in order to allow better selection of multiple targets and the ability to aim for more than 1 target when selecting concentrated fire due to other vehicles being in the path of the initial target.


Warning: This information was written for Mud and Blood 2.2.8b. The current version is 2.3.1g. This information is subject to change!

Brutalized, a known researcher of Mud and Blood 2, had looked into the mechanics of bazooka aiming. This is what he found:

  • Bazooka will hit in set rings around the bazooka, if an enemy is detected near a ring.
  • The first ring is 200 px away from the unit, the others are each 125 px further out
  • Strategically placed zooks can create a fierce strategy without holes which enemies can't escape through
  • Poor zook placement can cause some enemy vehicles to become "invincible", where zooks cannot hit them.

Fun Facts

  • On rare occasions, your bazooka rounds can destroy multiple vehicles.
  • Rockets must land directly on infantry for a gib.
  • Shooting a fully loaded Sdkfz or truck will kill everyone inside, but your bazooka will still receive only 1xp.
  • Use concentrate fire on groups of infantry or vehicles to make every single bazooka man fire in that direction, often with incredible results. On the other hand if you have enough tps, after using this tactic, you can press the all around defense button and all bazookas will instantly reload and fire off another batch of rockets, rinse and repeat.
  • The bazooka got its name from a giant tube instrument played by a comedian of the World War II era.
  • The M1 Bazooka was one of the first rocket propelled grenades, in the first generation along with the Panzershreck and original RPG.
  • In patch 2.2.8, using the bazooka to destroy enemy tanks would cause the game to crash. As of patch 2.2.8a, this bug has been fixed.
Real life bazooka trooper
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