Axis Aerial Close Support

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Axis Aerial Close Support
Axis aeroplane.jpg
A Luftwaffe plane peppers the ground with grenade-sized explosives

A Luftwaffe plane decides to hate you especially hard today. Requires >6 men on the battlefield. Many explosions, the size of grenades will pepper the lower half of the battlefield. In every other way, it is similar to Aerial Close Support. If you have 5 or more men in the top half of the map, the plane will strafe said top half instead.

Real life

Axis planes were often used to strafe ground targets or infantry. One example was during the invasion of France, Stukas bombed an airfield and when the pilots and ground crew came out of the rubble, a Messcherschmitt squadron strafed them, killing many. Often the pilots strafed as a way of expending ammo on their way back to base. Some dive-bombers like the German Ju87s where equipped with a special strafing cannon that was highly effective in blowing tanks to pieces. There is two kinds of strafing, strafing with AT rounds or rockets to take care of tanks or strafing with machine guns to turn infantry to Swiss cheese.

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