Assault Expert Award

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Assault Expert Award
Assault Expert Award.jpg
Anytime after 10 missions if commander scored an average of 50+ kills each mission.
Enemy will be less courageous when facing you.
Real Life Medal?

The American forces have had enough! For too long the Germans have been attacking their defensive positions so they will now reward the commander who makes at least 500 kills after their 10th mission with this easy to get ribbon. This ribbon will be so shiny that the Volkssturm will turn tail more often while the other German solders will seek cover from its shininess.

A bit more honorable than some medals, and a very easy medal to get, this award will make the enemy cower at your men and will make Volkssturms run away more frequently. The reward is a little bit below average, mainly because the Volkssturm is the ONLY German Unit to run away from the battle. However, non-Volkssturm enemy troops will be pinned more easily due to lower morale.

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