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All Around
Xx command 2order 07defense.gif
Orders all units to randomly pick a target and shoot at it.
Your officer will shout "open fire!" and your troops will readily comply.

This 1 TP command will have your soldiers pick a random target and fire at it, ignoring factors such as the target's proximity, the soldier's weapon type, his other priority targets, or the fact that another soldier has already targeted the same enemy.

Both enemy soldiers and vehicles may be targeted. Soldiers will fire their weapons regardless of the amount of cartridges in the magazine, so they will shoot those last rounds and then resume normal combat. Bazookas, snipers, flamethrowers and mechanized units do not display this behavior.

The advantage to this command is to suppress most of the enemy and kill a few. The drawback is that this is an inefficient command due to the fact that the soldier with a pistol will shoot at a tank and the other soldier with a bazooka will shoot at a volkssturm. Another drawback is that bazookas don't always fire at this command.

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