Airborne Challenge

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Paratrooper Challenge
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Rank Required:
You must survive to wave 100 using only paratroopers.
"Airborne Challenge. Earn your Para wings by surviving up to wave 100 with only Airborne troops. You have X amount of tries left."
— Official game quote

Paratrooper challenge mode is enabled when you first reach the rank of 1st Lieutenant. You only have 1 chance to try this challenge for every rank you climb, giving you up to 11 trials if you have attained maximum rank.

In this mode, you must reach wave 100 using only paratroopers. You already start with 4 of them, and may call for more without requiring a signaler to do so. They all drop in parachutes, as normal, which means that, depending on the random battlefield that is given to you, they may sustain serious injuries by dropping in the vicinity trees. In fact, at the current version it is still possible for them all to die instantly if you are unlucky.

There are a few extra rules to observe:

  • Clicking the Std command 1unit 02regular.gif reinforcements menu icon will instantly deploy another group of paratroopers, but at the cost of 20 TPs, rather than 12.
  • There is a cumulative 1% chance per wave for the enemy to bring units using the Last Stand spawn table, which is much tougher.
  • You do not start with free units from ribbons, such as a Westpoint Commendation officer.
  • The free paratrooper drop obtained from the Victoria Cross is also voided.
  • Free units do not drop from crates.
  • Additionally, once you have received this medal, you will be able to try Paratrooper Challenge any time in the future, regardless of rank, by clicking on the badge on your profile page.

IF you successfully reach wave 100, you will be presented with a special medal which deploys 6 paratroopers per call instead of 4, for the same 12 TP price.

<youtube v="pSaONsKlDGI" />

Success on this and attainment of the Victoria Cross will give the equivalent of 18 Tps worth of soldiers for free!!


  • Try to advance as much as possible to rack up the TPs and exp. You can also use it to leave a troublesome enemy unit behind, although that will increase your vulnerability to Unfair Events.
  • Be wary of friendly fire! You have enough troubles without creating more yourself.
  • Remember to use the paratrooper-exclusive Healing Kit, Sticky Bomb and Improvised Sandbag Wall.
  • Make use of natural cover, when available.
  • Maximize your killing power by staying within weapon range.
  • Hold Fire is the only relevant order which is available to NCOs, thus not requiring an officer.
  • Learn and stand ready to use important shortcuts, such as those for Heroism, Sock Bomb and Hold Fire.
  • Calling another group of paratroopers will increase your firepower greatly, but remember that the Six Man Rule is still in effect here!
  • Your wave goal is not adversely affected by crates of Detailed Orders. In fact, these will prolong your life substantially.
  • It is probably a good idea to build up your medal collection before attempting this, as you're going to need every advantage you can get.
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