Air Superiority

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Air Superiority
Xx command 4support 04superiority.gif
A Signaler and an Officer.
Protects you from Axis air raids for one full minute.

Calling this support option will clear the skies of the Luftwaffe (German Air Force) for 60 seconds.

Useful if you just got your Cam Net blown away and your Radar spotted a plane.

Costs 1 TP and requires a sig and an officer. What could be more useful?! If combined with a radar and a very skilled signaler, this can be used to intercept V1s. It is important to remember that this support option will not work against the unfair event Me 262 strike even if active when the event triggers.

Real Life

The Royal Air Force was superior to the Luftwaffe in nearly every way. Inventions like the radar gave the Royal Air Force an edge over the Luftwaffe. Combat planes often engaged in 1 on 1 dogfights.

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