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Allied Unit
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Starting equipment:
Average stats:
Health Rifle Exp Morale Speed
300 1-15 2 N/A static
The AAA (or Triple A) is a stationary Anti-Aircraft Artillery gun that fires explosive rounds very similar to those of the close air support fighter.

The AAA (Anti Aircraft Artillery) is one of the best defensive units available for dealing with infantry and light vehicles. After version 2.2.4, the AAA was upgraded, giving its explosive ammunition slightly more explosive range.

The AAA requires 1 person to man it in order for it to fire. It is possible for the gunner to be killed either from an explosion or a bullet. Because of this, it is best to keep it in the rear.

Although only Urb knows definitively what it was modeled after, there are several possibilities. It is similar to the 20 ITK 40 VKT AA gun, however this is unlikely as it was rare and only used by a non-Allied country, Finland. A more likely explanation would be the ubiquitous 20mm Oerlikon on a twin mount, however these were only used mounted on vehicles.

The AAA can also shoot down airplanes, being the only Allied ground unit that can do so. It is therefore necessary in order to achieve the Search and rescue ribbon, amongst others. It fires explosive shells creating shrapnel lethal to aircraft, infantry and lightly armored vehicles. It is similar to a constant barrage of Close Air Support, making it effective and worth its large price.

Fun Facts

  • The AAA is the only Allied ground unit that fires flak ammunition, the Axis Unit(s) are the Flak Panzer and the Flak 38.
  • The AAA has approximately a 50% chance of shooting down enemy airplanes with 1 unit, about 100% with 2 units.
  • When the AAA downs a plane, there is an extremely small chance that an enemy pilot will bail out of his plane and land on the battlefield.


An AAA will occasionally cause a friendly fire incident if the turret is trying to kill an enemy at close range, as shots can go wide, possibly hitting your own soldiers or buildings, or even blowing up crates. You cannot use officer commands like Hold Fire on this unit because it is a vehicle.

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