1st. SS Leibstandarte

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Axis Unit
1st SS Leibstandarte
Std unit axis ssleibstandarte idle.gif
StG 44, Recon equipment
Average stats:
Health Rifle Exp
100 random 1-100
Morale Speed Priority
1-100 14 px/s High
Pretty much a German SpecOps with recon equipment. They are trained killers and can put you vulnerable to 6-man limit as they make cam-nets ineffective for 10 seconds.
"This is a member of the 1 SS Liebstandarte. These elite soldiers are armed with STG44 and act as recon elements. They can render your camnets ineffective."
— Official game quote

They are elite soldiers who mostly act as Hitler's personal body guards, elements of their unit also act as recon troops. Trained to a point of almost-perfect similarity to your SpecOps. But they have recon equipment and can make Cam Nets unusable for 10 seconds. Then they can get the full info on your squad, relay it to their HQ, and then chaos will break loose. Multiple Leibs extend the cam-net down time by adding 10 seconds onto the time until they become effective again.

Aside from that, they are accurate and carry an STG-44, an early assault rifle, and can use its firepower well. They fire in bursts, hurting a soldier multiple times.

They can even acquire priority targets from your ranks! So it makes these guys annoying in the extreme. Take care of them quick or else.

There's a 0.2% chance per action that these guys will instead call direct support on you. You will hear radio chatter and see the Leib holding out a radio, then the text "A German Recon Unit called support on your position!" will appear. After that, paratroopers, arty, a bomb, CAS, or even a V1 will hit your position. If you are lucky, you will just get a smoke screen.

Real Life

A 1st SS Leibstandarte Parade

These were elite recon soldiers and highly fanatical units. They were also personal bodyguards to Adolf Hitler.

It was rare to see one of these guys on the battlefield, but when they did show up, someone died, and it wasn't him.....

These units were devastating on the field of battle, they would usually be in command of a battalion. They quickly gained the nick-name, "Shock Trooper" as they would usually strike fear into their enemy's hearts for being so skilled, calculating, and cold. Many of the divisions were found guilty of war crimes, due to them barbarically killing many Jews and other civilians. They had a variety of exotic and basic weaponry at their disposal, this was a rare type of benefit for a soldier, as they could actually CHOOSE what they wanted to take to the field, unless given a weapon by their commander to only use said weapon.

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