• The Pig posted an update 1 year, 2 months ago

    Is it best to stay on the defensive most of the time on locations later on in MnB3? I’ve found that being on the defensive helps me get through the mission with less casualties, but prone to Jerry throwing arty flares.

    • Balance way is the best way to win in MNB3 I would say. Handle advance wisely, count the risk and moving quick, hit em. XD

    • Flares (arty) is generally not a problem (in my opinion) as long as you have somewhere to retreat and/or don’t get soldiers pinned down when retreating. Often the germans kill themselves with it. I have more problems with rifle nades, hand nades and rockets. I Always try to advance and find places to fortify with mines and sandbags in order to deal with Waves of enemy reinforcements. But if you don’t dare to advance they will keep coming som one must decide when to break through in order to end the map. I’ve been pinned by endless Waves of reinforcements coming from the North…..finally you get URB:ed

      • I stay in place most of the time to have some healed up, but that proved dangerous as the Germans kept coming. So If I have a few wounded men, I keep my medic close to them so at the same time they’ll move up and heal. I feel like that also helps when I have just 1 or 2 guys under constant fire from more troops, that way while being healed by the medic the wounded will give the others support.

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