• The Pig posted an update 1 year, 3 months ago

    @lance You got any tips on breach in Recon. I’m always afraid to do the mission when it comes up, but I have to do it right now.

    • Use flak jacket and Ho chi Minh sandals

      Armored Stealthy bois

    • If you want to survive: get combat team with good radioman.
      If you want to win that mission, use the stealthiest boys you have, give them the lighest guns you have, take your time and pray not to get spotted.

    • Here’s how I do breach missions. Get heat to 0 (I’m not sure what the cutoff is, maybe 5-10 will do), and go to the very right of the map. Sneak across the defense line there, as there are no defenses there at low heat.

      • Low heat. Right side of AO. In line positioning with max SPOT first. Items= Smoke. Low Bulk. Sandals if possible.
        As in my vid. Night insertion is great.
        If you feel lucky like I did hit the Overt Skull to run faster.
        Beware that afterwards your Rangers will have very high Fatigue if you run a lot.
        Have fun!

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