• Ej posted an update 2 years, 3 months ago

    is there a way that i can play this offline?

    • Download, though i don’t think it’s available for MNB3 right now

    • Currently MnB3 is domain-locked, meaning that even if you download the game, it will not run as it will detect that you are not playing on

      • ohh is see, and one more thing. i have a backup file/account, in mnb3, because i want to clean or use the CCleaner for my mozilla, but when i return the file, and start the game it only appears “banderburge” word something like that.

        • Not sure whats causing that, unless you modified the file at some point. I believe the brandenburg message is supposed to appear if you play the game on a different domain or it detects hacking / foul play.

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