How did you come by our community?

As a 4 year old I was very fascinated by war, well, guns more in general. I searched war games and war games, when I found Mud and Blood 2. I was just a 4 or 5 year old and I did not understand so I went to some cheat websites.

I had forgotten Mud and Blood until 7th grade when I remembered and came back for a tiny bit then left again.

Now as an 8th grader I now I understand the game (with help of the wiki)! Now in my current year I have realized I love URB. Unfairness is pretty fun except for Cat Mario and Unfair Mario because that’s just purely memory and you have no chance. Randomness is just a fun gimmick in general. Brutality, I would rather watch a crushing brutal defeat. This is genre is hard to get into, I’m the only one at my school, everybody else is playing their more modern games. Flash has been forgotten…

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