• urbzz posted an update 9 months ago

    Random bit of knowledge, in MNB3 0.19, mines wont detonate at the faction that has planted it. It still vulnerable to chain reaction though.

    • You’re un-URBing your own URB games… How dare you. Anyway, interesting to know. We’ll see how it goes when the time to play it comes.

      How useful are mines in MnB3? Useful for possible counter-attacks?

      • Very useful @mrprofilen !

        Counter the reinforcement or dig in and try to eat some fresh German to level up your soldiers can let this item become very useful.

        Another way is aim the tank or truck route to trapped them, or just simply blow up the men which is in front of you. >o<

        • Thanks Arise, can’t way to use it. I’m not much of a mine dude, I did use it some of the place-and-forget mines in Recon to shake some QRF forces, but I personally don’t like mines.

          • Mines gets really sneaky man. If you don’t have an engineer you won’t see them much then zap, a soldier gets vaporised. Now you know there’s mine around. Hopefully you can get a soldier promoted to engineer and figure it out.

            • I already adapt that Boss. In my Recon, the mine blowing is just like eating lunch.

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