• urbzz posted an update 9 months ago

    The Stuart light tank is now coded and the model has been designed. Now I just need to polish its behavior a lil. For now it wanders semi aggressively towards the enemy until its timer runs off then then go back to the rear lines.

    • in game screenshot

    • Great work urb!

      Can you tell us a possible date for the release of the open beta?

    • How will the tank affect gameplay?
      Will it act as cover or LoS blocker? Will te germans attack it normally, like our man, or will it draw the fire, or get ignored?
      Will the enemy have AT weaponry at their disposal?

      • Good questions. It acts as a bullet sponge. I don’t know if you know what I mean but according to Mud and Blood mechanics soldiers attack the nearest target unless they have special abilities. The tank being in the front soaks most of the fire so as long as soldiers stay behind it is good to go.

        I still have to code panzerfausts for the Germans but yes it is in the game. Also some 88s.

        • Cool.
          Actually, I believe that tanks should be ignored by the enemy (or at least have a chance to be) if there are other targets visable. Realisticly, you wouldn’t be firing a handgun at an incoming tank (unless you’re Tom Hanks.) if there is infantry around.
          Will it have destructable modules like German ones? What will happen if, say, tank get’s immobilised and it’s timer expires?
          As for 88, are these going to be Pak43s or Flak 18? Asking because if it’s the latter, then flanking isn’t an option.

          • They have the same modules as the German tanks. If they get immobilized the timer runs out but they stay in location.

          • I also love this idea @kacpo.

            Enemy soldiers should have very rare chance to shoot at tank unless they don’t have other target or with low morale and exp to do some stupid things.

    • That sprite looks really good URB… As always.

      The Stuart. I dislike the Stuart personally. I mean, it’s probably better than the Tommy cooker (Early Sherman models cooked off easily).

      Keep it up URB. MnB3 is shaping up to be really, really good (not surprised, ha).

    • This one looks pretty. So @urbzz we will looking for your new article-Alley Tank in MNB3. XD

      As it should discuss about how the tank work in the MNB3 for alley, AI or controlable even partial controlable and be able to use main cannon as skill are both good.

      For the Stuart light tank, Actually she is still a beast to against German Infantry. Even she can not compete with Tiger or Type IV, Nice one for advance and Recon.

      • Correct, the stuart is sometime just what you need to punch through the enemy lines and shift the exchange of fire.

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