• urbzz posted an update 3 years, 4 months ago

    How about last winter in 2.5d?

    • Wow. Low traffic here or else this post would have already have gotten massive replies like this one.

      YES!!! By all that is URB, YES!!

    • I’ve never really gotten to play LW. Maybe I’ll give it a try after the update drops

      • Oh…don’t wrry about it. The game is still kinda rough around the edges…last time I played it, the game was buggy as hell, and any item you discarded on the ground was liable to produce a “?” on the ground……like everywhere to the point that it became a landfill of them ;D

        Oh…also, the locales were rly friendly……any time you try to be warm, and fuzzy with anyone, they…..ummm….uuummm…..they tend to repay it back, a little more physically (i.e getting whacked with a shovel). And sometimes you make an ass outta yourself for accidently breaking into an abandoned house that actually turned out to occupied (but I guess that was more, or less my fault ­čśŤ )

        Oh…..did I also mention that this game tries itz absolute best to stomp you to the ground until you reach the Earth’s mantle? ;D