• urbzz posted an update 4 months ago

    Lance = Quality content creator.

    • Thank’s but I am not the only one. :mrgreen:

      • Your the crum de creme … or however you spell it. Arise is more diverse though, hmm … I think you two are perhaps equal. Mine is more carefree, take notes on what not to do.

        Yours are least consistently sensible.

      • Alex replied 4 months ago

        And I just make shitty recon streams and videos

        • A, a ,a :pointup: We ALL enjoy everyone’s input especially game video plays. I viewed all your plays.
          urbzz merely pointed at me stating that I participate in a lot of things that this place is about.

          • Alex replied 4 months ago

            I’m just making a joke on my content and lack of participation in the last 3-4 months.

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