• urbzz posted an update 3 years, 9 months ago

    Back from the jungle friends. It was very nice to see first hand what Recon is all about. How many indie devs do you know that are trying that hard lol?

    • I’ve thought about going to Nam .. but as an American think would be shown all the propaganda. Want to see the tunnels. Was fascinated by the ingenuity … remember one was a grenade wrapped in wet paper and hung in the trees to blow the rotors off helicopters. Don’t know how effective they were but damn ingenious.

    • Welcome back!

    • Glad to see you’re back safe urb! Jungle survival has some similarities to surviving in the North American woods, you know ;D

    • Damn, that’s dedication.
      Also, you sure have made a hell of a game series here. I’ve never seen more original games like yours in a long time.