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    Currently somewhere in south east asia. Taking notes about the jungle for recon and jotting some ideas about game concepts (flagshipped) on my down time.

    • Enjoy! Don’t fall into your own traps.

      • Thanks dude, gonna ditch the jungle and go visit a colonial museum for some Last Winter era info/pictures/data.

        • I wish I where someplace warm right now too. :/
          Currently got only outside / unheated hall work and it made me sick in more ways then just the snivels.
          Never though that I would be missing a jungle so badly till now.
          Even my month old half arse beard is not helping much now.
          But it’s great to hear from you old friend and that your game coding spirits are high.
          I am especially eager to see development on Flagshipped and hope that it’s original theme of a WW2 carrier/ spaceship on the run from superior aliens is this up.

    • Hope you enjoy the h̶o̶s̶t̶i̶l̶i̶t̶y̶ hospitality of our jungles!!! Don’t forget to put on mosquito repellent!

    • Jungle day!!! ww

    • Awesome! Try not to catch any tropical diseases. XD very manly beard BTW.

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