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  • urbzz posted an update 3 years, 2 months ago

    There is definitely multiplayer avenues being explored on the long run especially with unity. either Recon or mnb competitive.

    • Exciting! I hope co-op gets as much consideration as pvp 😀

    • oh god XD

    • Wow, yeah! I wonder if one side will take the allies and the other the axis on MnB2

    • 😮

      Not Last Winter?!?!
      That’d be a Bad-Ass Multi-Player-Game.


    • I thought I would never be able to see lag on these games due to a game being so heavy in content, but the day that you add multiplayer to this would be the day that the hills would be alive with the games lagging, or ” my game keeps freezing”, or even that they are unable to find another players since the amount of people online at once are low compared to the accounts existing, and this time without even changing tabs.

    • One other issue though, it would end up removing the feeling of the term “urbed” that everyone keeps talking about, since either the person “urbing” would be having such an easy game experience compared to your single player titles, or both sides would never be able to get “urbed”, since everyone controlling each side, thus allowing the game to also be easy.