• urbzz posted an update 4 years, 1 month ago

    The new mnb wiki is at this link: this decision is permanent.

    • Excellent!
      I see that entire wiki has to be rewritten anew, but at least it’s back.

      • There’s some work to be done but we have time. Some stuff in the old wiki was getting stale and over written I believe.

        It is also a nice opportunity for the new blood to leave their mark. We got in some really good writers lately but sadly no way for them to chip in.

        • Speaking of which, a message to the wiki team this weekend:
          When we port stuff over I do not want to just simply copy/paste. As urb said the old knowledgebase is a bit overwritten, has outdated spots, and is a bit bloated at this point. What we want to do is to minimize having to start totally from scratch while still creating a new and much more streamlined presentation of game info. We will prioritze the basic stuff and then we can start working on getting all the pages for each unit / object in the game

        • Good to hear.
          I believe we’ll have some datamining to do again and are likely to need your help with that Boss. (Mainly game mechanics and precise numbers.)
          Also, how does contributing work? Can anyone just come and start adding things, or are there admins, moderators, editors?

          • It’s safe to assume that at least Reid (if he want’s to) can point where is the right direction as far as the wiki goes. He also has a fair knowledge of scripting. As soon as he gets there I’ll add him as admin and he will constitute his staff from there which I’m convinced you’ll be a key element of.

    • Alright! Glad to see it’s back up!

    • So, let’s head to the work. XD

    • Well you know I’ll help where I can, but that can be aLoaded statement. 🙂 Sorry, just the way I’m built I guess. Real U.R.B. in My DNA-coding I fear. 😉