• Tyrud posted an update 4 years, 2 months ago

    When Lance wants people to pronounce the German Car names correctly

    • LOL What an idiot!
      Slightly amusing even if that vid was rather stupid.
      I surely hope that I am not viewed in a similar manner by you all out there cause despite, or better because of, my awkward accent I assure you that I would never make fun of how others articulate themselves.
      Down right incomprehensible usage of a language does irritate me and it should so to everyone else as well. 🙂

      p.s. Of course I do not take this offensive dear friend Tyrud because I am sure that the fun of watching that was mutual. 😉

    • 😮
      Nine! Nine! Thoot’s naut da vay eese dune!!

      ..Lance be BUS-sted… 🙂 We all know it’s him in the videos…. 😉

    • Honestly, you’re my only German reference, thus why I thought you might find it funny as a car guy and a German. Rest assured, I hold you in high regard, my friend! I just figured you might sometimes find people’s German pronunciations to be a little lacking. Also maybe a hankering for lebkuchen 😉