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  • Good suggestions all around! I especially think the council mechanic will be of interest to urb for his game as it has just the right amount of complexity with good meshing with existing mechanics.

  • Tyrud replied to the topic Heroes of STWALT in the forum STWALT 1 year, 7 months ago

    It’s certainly adventures like those that make you want to keep going back to STWALT (ignoring all the ones where you were crushed on Day One by the most dreaded enemy: rusty nail) Fizban the warrior priest, a true keeper of the peace and a worthy disciple of Gygax himself! (who 100% showed you much good fortune on that run as mentioned by Ber). I…[Read more]

  • 5 successful sabotage ops is a bit of a feat (10 would be even more challenging, with adequate payoff), especially given that few folks bother with them.

    Completion could yield a ribbon granting a higher success chance or that halves the cost (or a chance of the operation being free, regardless of success)

  • Tyrud replied to the topic 700 days left. in the forum General Forum 1 year, 7 months ago

    The original creator of the game, urb, has learned LUA coding language and has expressed interest in recreating games like MnB Recon and LW in this new language with the intention of improving game functionality, UI, and giving himself more flexibility to add more stuff to the games without the memory limitations of the Flash engine. It’s entirely…[Read more]

  • Tyrud replied to the topic Stealth in the forum Tactics and Strategies 1 year, 7 months ago

    Also note that sometimes sound queues (enemies making noise) aren’t entirely directional, but tend to be location specific. That is, they play at the same volume regardless of distance from your rangers and is tied to camera position, not ranger-enemy location.

    If you have rangers with high spotting (very important for staying abreast of and…[Read more]

  • Tyrud replied to the topic Hedgerow Help in the forum Mud and Blood 3 1 year, 7 months ago

    A well formulated strategy! You hit the nail on the head when you said that scouts are extremely useful here (LOS is especially tricky in hedgerows) and a patient/careful playstyle is the way to go. That is until the enemy deploys mortars, in which case time isn’t entirely on your side anymore XD. Some might also argue against having a medic, but…[Read more]

  • It’s insanely impressive that you kept up with it and collected just abut every medal there is to get (minus the gold star you mentioned). Ultimately requires lots of saving your sol files so your progress doesn’t just up and disappear randomly for one reason or another.

    If you really want the gold to top off your profile (if you don’t already…[Read more]

  • After much exploration, you find exactly what you are looking for! A planet with rivers of gold and diamond monsoons (ouch). But alas, this planet is a little short of quarter million light years away. You can derive comfort in the fact that we’ll get there. Well, some day anyway.

    I wish my car didn’t blow through so much gas in a week. It’s…[Read more]

  • Tyrud replied to the topic Suggestions in the forum Suggestions 1 year, 7 months ago

    Well currently you can use things like TNT to also blow away any naturally occurring hard earth that is bothering you, in addition to naval artillery. Air dropped bombs may even explode rocks too (don’t remember properly). Are you suggesting that tanks, AT guns and bazookas also have rock obliterating properties?

  • Tyrud posted a new activity comment 1 year, 8 months ago

    Keep up the good work, boss! Both in the land of urb and on the realm of Earth too

  • Tyrud replied to the topic Weapons Discussion in the forum Last Winter 1 year, 8 months ago

    Not a bad idea to be able to modify our weapons, specifically some of the larger melee weapons with additions to improve them in some way (with the appropriate roll against skills check of course). Spears and axes could be decorated with feathers for speed or aesthetics/value increases, and swords given fancy/useful hilts and modifications. Maybe…[Read more]

  • Granted, but he decides to write it in a language you can’t speak or read. You can attempt to translate it all you want, but it won’t be the same.

    I wish I knew everything there was to know about the MnB series, so that when people ask questions I could always tell them the right answer.

  • I’m with Lance! Ol’ X. Valiquette might have picked the wrong army vocation, unless he can snipe Germans with his wrench!

  • Tyrud posted a new activity comment 1 year, 8 months ago

    Not sure I want to have that guy in my squad XD


  • Hello!

    To answer your question, the carry button is on the orders panel to the right of the use gear button. You’ll need to click it after selecting a non-critical soldier who is near enough to the critical man, then click on the man you wish to carry.

    Hope that helps

  • First game in a long time, and only got about 30 or so waves in just playing passively and with no real strat in mind (and I call myself an urb vet XD)

    Spread out my guys at the beginning, all of which had under 20 rifle except for one who had 31, across what was basically an empty field with 2 small trees and a ditch and just worked on…[Read more]

  • Brutal day for the Wehrmacht, it seems. Those reinforcement waves can either be your end or the start of something new as you farm enemy soldiers for all they are worth in exp XD

  • If I find that MnB games can be played in spite of my workplace’s web filters (schools don’t quite like vidya games during school hours), I might be able to play and then recount some of my adventures as there is usually plenty of time to do so there. Alas I can only record on my home computer, and while at home, I don’t always have a full hour…[Read more]

  • Managed to catch this on a lull at work (got access to the site there turns out). Really fun vid to watch, honestly!

    I liked the start of it, where everything was nice an organized. Even saw you practicing the old tenant of the four Fs; find them, fix them, flank them and finish them. Two sections, one that fixes, one that flanks. All good,…[Read more]

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