• This explains a lot. Clever move mining the hell out of the lines you don’t have a lot of men on. Good defense against the infiltrators and any doods that get past the pillbox.

  • Tyrud replied to the topic Videos in the forum Recon Movies and Screenshots 1 day, 4 hours ago

    Nice call sign, there Lance.

    Fog, along with night time, are probably on of the most interesting mechanics to work with and against in Recon. Enemies and Rangers don’t see a damn thing, even when they’re staring you in the face. With a high level Recon team, the advantages definitely shift towards you team as long as trap levels are low.

    Crazy…[Read more]

  • There’s a button you can press (5 or 6 on the keyboard I believe) that that basically locks your troops into whatever position they are currently in. You need to make sure your soldiers all have LOS on the highest ranked solider (also useful for checking LOS it turns out) and the formation will from time to time have be reset if your soldiers have…[Read more]

  • I remember all of these from the older sites. It’s always sweet to see what you guys can come up with. I’ll have to find a way to post my British tanker story again so the new guys can have a look at it and tell me everything that’s wrong with it, haha.

  • Seems like in general folks want future combat and/or a large scale of combat for the next iteration of MnB. I wouldn’t be opposed to it. My preference for a setting would simply be exclusive urban combat. Of all the combat scenarios, urban combat is historically known as one of the most unfair and brutal ones simply because of all the things…[Read more]

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    Impressive downed plane count for a sub 100 wave game. Did you have a lot of men visible for the Germans to call in planes and V1’s?

    • Something about correctly following the six man rule will pile “downed planes” onto your stats, despite the commander not actually shooting down any planes. Over the course of my MnB career, I’ve apparently shot well over 100 planes, while I’m quite sure I’ve only done so twice, at most. It’s not a terrible bug, if it is a bug, and it will get you…[Read more]

      • had 7 men visible for around 5 secs (video till wave 68 in forum strategy for new commanders); was not sub 100, was 209 with tons of lost frenchies, is it possible to get planned down when you get unfair event of paratroopers? cause had no signaller and no aaa gun, my guys for sure did not kill a single enemy aircraft

  • Can confirm it is in fact a big old Buddha statue. I think it’s also supposed to block LOS.

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    It’s pretty crazy because I was thinking earlier today if there were some really accurate/good war films that I had yet to see and clearly you guys read my mind somehow, haha. We’ve definitely run down the staple list of movies related to all the wars urb games and it’s inspirations cover.

    On the topic of LW, The Revenant is a pretty great movie…[Read more]

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    Funnily there was some early art of different animals like elephants and snakes during Recons early dev (By our man Reid, me thinks). I even thought snakes were a thing in game my first few times playing Recon (Those damn, long squiggly plants hehe)Would be pretty sweet to see them slithering around, though perhaps equally as unnecessary as tigers…[Read more]

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    In any case, it’s over now. I don’t expect any ugliness like that any time soon too.

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    I actually downloaded and played AC II a few months ago. It’s a very fleshed out and very URB-like game that anyone here will enjoy. Lends itself well to roleplaying too. I’ve only ever gotten a few days in because boy is life as a Sherman crew not easy with all sorts of dangers lurking about (Pak 40, I’m looking at you)

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    @Scorch Welcome back, dude! This new place is different from the old place in a lot of ways but the important bit, the community, is mostly the same with a few new additions. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it just as much as before.

    @Kingofdajungle I’ve been there. My break ends today, and it won’t be long before the tests start rolling around the…[Read more]

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    Nice achievement, dude! Definitely worth a share on the forums if you haven’t already. Almost looks like the volk in the picture is telling his buddy to stop pushing forward and turn tail too!

  • Tyrud posted a new activity comment 1 week, 2 days ago

    That’s great to hear!
    As for free stuff, depending on the college you can get a lot of software access for free (Microsoft office full ftw!)

    • Yeah, its great. I’m almost excited about the free stuff as much as I am the college itself haha

  • I forgot about Gekisen! Very difficult game indeed, with a sketchy AI at times, but I didn’t consider it for this list solely because even when the game felt real unfair, I still found myself enjoying it, unlike OFV at times XP

    Good choice nevertheless, Lance!

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    Welcome back, soldier!

  • I think OFV is hands down the most brutal and unfair of urb’s games, to the point where I’ve stayed well away from it after a few initial goes at it. You can do everything right in that game and still come off worse and not win. If that game is representative of a real occupation force’s experience, I’m not surprised most of them leave after a while!

  • I like the idea of being able to tell some info about the Germans. Gives them a little more personality before you obliterate them with an arty shell. Nice suggestions overall!

  • Two staunchly different adventures, Lance. Too bad it only worked out for one of the two. It seems at times that the game has it out for the poor wizard, though that may just be down to the fact that he is a slow burn character.

    Good on you being able to escape enemies with some frequency. I never quite get that lucky XP

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    To Italicize, just highlight the desired text and press the little italic ‘I’ in the post quickbar.

    @Kacpo Sounds very Resident evil-like, though your character certainly wouldn’t only be dealing with rioters in that one. Maybe STALKER or something? Sounds like something I’d be interested in though!

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