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    Not as of yet, but there’s still ongoing work to recreate the games in a new engine (LUA)

  • Yes the very first attack against the hag, despite having both tower guards training, a high-ish level and the legendary blade somehow still resulted in a failed attack that left me frogged up and with no means of attack (talk about urb). Could otherwise have achieved a level 5 hobbit, even if I never found the One Ring. Most bizarre of all was…[Read more]

  • After playing a little IRL DnD with some friends, I thought I might show them STWALT. They weren’t too impressed by the graphics, but seemed to enjoy watching me play and some of the ridiculous things that can occur. Here’s the adventure I had (2nd attempt after the first ended in about a minute XD)

    – Day 0, RickBot is starting his adventures.
    -…[Read more]

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    If your rangers get into lots of firefights and kill lots of enemies, you’ll rank them up fairly quickly. It’s a risky way to rank up for sure, but among the more efficient ways if you aren’t concerned with heat or possibly losing men.

    I like your idea of being able to trade away your higher rank soldiers to other units for EXP or merit gain.…[Read more]

  • A cuirass would provide great protection to all but musket fire and pistols at close range, but would be heavy and cumbersome as you mentioned, Maharbal. Expensive too I bet. Leather armor pieces and wood armor from the native tribes would likely be candidates for a woodsman in need of some physical protection while out in the wilds.

  • If the troops involved in your push are supposed to be ‘volunteers’ from other parts of the division, I like the idea of starting off with a random assortment of guys, who could even have random ranks as well with enough ribbons or rank under your belt. It would be interesting if some profile ranks also included the opportunity to either re-roll a…[Read more]

  • I first joined the MnB community years ago while seeking to see if MnB would ever be developed for mobile (still waiting XD) and from then on I became deeply engrossed in the awesome games and even more awesome community that grew around them.

    Here’s hoping to many more years of enjoyable interactions with y’all and maybe one day MnB will be on…[Read more]

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    I think I remember your username for sure. Glad to have you back!

  • Tyrud posted a new activity comment 5 months ago

    Welcome back, friend! I think you’ll find the old place as welcoming as always!

  • Tyrud replied to the topic How to corrupt a wish in the forum General Forum 8 months ago

    Your wish is granted. There is now every class of German soldier under the sun standing between you and your objective. Best get to it, soldier!

    I wish laser eye surgery was cheaper, so I could actually get it in the near future.

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    It’s good to hear that LW is always somewhere in his mind/heart. The original remains one of my favorite games, more so than even the MnB series. Urb’s dev cycle certainly requires a lot of patience from us, but I think it’s always worth it because every new tidbit or game is a welcome surprise.

    Did he mention at all if he felt he had made a…[Read more]

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    Here, here! We’ll make you proud boss. You make it, we play it!

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    I was waiting for something like this.

    Guess my main two questions would be 1) What’s the progress on Statecraft so far? & 2) What seems to be the direction urb wants to take in the future in relation to his games? Still intent on moving to Steam? More smaller projects to polish his LUA/Flash skills?

    A little loaded, but hopefully you can…[Read more]

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    Slowly the inner circle gathers! What secrets do they hold?

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  • Tyrud replied to the topic Sleeping Bear Tavern in the forum General Forum 9 months ago

    To any outsider, this would look like just two dudes having a beer and making faces. To us, it’s a high level meeting of perhaps two of the most senior members of our forums. Nice to be in on the secret, eh?

    Hopefully, here’s to another Mud-Con next year, where you guys won’t have to put up with drinking K├Âlsch XD

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    6 G.I.s, a Frenchy and who knows how many Germans it seems like. At least according to MnB 3 anyway

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    “A message from the top, eh? Always exciting when one of those telegrams reaches our neck of the woods.” the sailor says as he adds some fresh firewood and stokes the flames to provide him and his companions some warmth as the temperature outside drops.

    “Rumor has it there’s some activity afoot in those far away lands of castles and courtiers.…[Read more]

  • Good suggestions all around! I especially think the council mechanic will be of interest to urb for his game as it has just the right amount of complexity with good meshing with existing mechanics.

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    It’s certainly adventures like those that make you want to keep going back to STWALT (ignoring all the ones where you were crushed on Day One by the most dreaded enemy: rusty nail) Fizban the warrior priest, a true keeper of the peace and a worthy disciple of Gygax himself! (who 100% showed you much good fortune on that run as mentioned by Ber). I…[Read more]

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