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    Nothing of note around where I live, except the usual media headlines saying this and that in such a way that makes you question why you even turn to those channels.

    Actually, this didn’t happen recently, but recently enough that it might be worth retelling. I saw the fire fighters of my city doing their work first hand after someone in my…[Read more]

  • That’s something called a culvert. Basically it’s a drainage pipe covered with a bridge so people and vehicles can walk on it more easily. If you find it and destroy it, it counts towards messing up the Ho Chi Min trail and gives you some red folder bonuses.

  • Granted. You tie your hand to your shoe in the process. Every time.

    I wish I knew what I was going to do after college…

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    The Bloody Sundays will always remain a constant here, as long as the URB concept remains constant as well. It would be nice if the forums could remain constant too, but well you can’t have everything now can we?

    Also, welcome back xdarcodex!

  • Great work all around guys! I can’t draw to save my life, but it just means I get to derive even more appreciation for the work you guys put forth.

    I’m particularly fond of that pilot concept are you made, xdarkcodex, because it reminds me of a story/game scene intro scene I pictured in my head that simply featured an unnamed female space pilot…[Read more]

  • Nice doodle, man. Definitely more advanced than my doodles, though I see you also have trouble with faces. Always difficult, though you got the general face shapes right enough. Cool attempt of shadowing from the helmet. I can never get it right, and it helps get around the difficult part of drawing eyes, brows and such.

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    Definitely sounds unpleasant as all hell, and I figure that’s putting it mildly. Hopefully the problem gets solved soon, mate!

  • Keeping the chances of different enemy units spawning random seems fine to me, as it helps breed URB moments (SS on the beach, anyone?). That said, much like there are historical charts/values for enemy equipment currently, it would be cool to see the spawn probabilities tweaked in certain locations to represent a unit’s historical presence or…[Read more]

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    The Bloody Sunday has a few different explanations, but as far as this site is concerned, Bloody Sunday is a series of either comics or photos that have been submitted along with a humorous, community created caption that represents some funny inside and not so inside joke related to URB games and content. It’s been ongoing for quite a while, I believe.

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    I remember discovering the same thing a few years back as well. It’s a beautiful tune (this version in particular is lovely) and I wish I could find the version from LW’s title card, though it might be created from scratch for all I know.

  • @Lance I like your suggestions. Actually on this topic, the article you posted recently explaining German squad organization helps greatly in coming up with ideas for how to balance difficulty based on days ahead/behind. I don’t see why we can’t have both the enemy units getting harder and the player facing simulated supply shortages, in either…[Read more]

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    We recently had someone else with a similar problem that seemed to be related to the game pulling some information from a previous profile into the new profile, resulting in booby trapped mines despite not having the corresponding medal. I’m not sure what the solution is, however.

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    Actually the focus is really on MnB 3, though user Joker has been doing his level best to show us all how to play the game like a pro.

  • Very bare I would imagine, as I don’t play MnB 2 very much anymore. Very fun game when you’ve got nothing to do though, and I always keep it on the USB I have in my school bag, hehe.

  • Job well done achieving all that, mate! Shame to see it reset, but hey, it just means you get to do it all again, huh?

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    I think loaded lends itself better to allowing things the player builds/changes in the world to stay changed and permanent which is very important in LW, I feel. Then again, maybe it’s also possible in seamless? It remains to be discussed, though ultimately stability will be key and above just about everything else.

  • Sound of a trash bin getting smacked with a stick seems like it’s simulating far away gun batteries/artillery being fired. Probably a new sound bite that is being tested.

    A job well done by your gunner, who was pretty consistent with his shots. Probably aided by the fact that the FlaK 37 remained silent. If it had been the FlaK from MnB 2, the…[Read more]

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    Reminds me of when I first joined the original green forums years ago to suggest/ask if there would ever be a mobile version of MnB 2. It may still occur one day, hehe.

    • MnB2 on mobile for realsies (aka not just a barely functioning test) would require a port to a cross-platform engine like Unity. So it is possible, but not within Flash’s limitations.

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