• Not too bad a game, Lance, with an added classic Santa kill to boot too, hehe. Game was liable to end quite differently had the Germans adjusted those V1’s a bit more. Any particular reason you stuck only to infantry (buildings aside)?

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    You have my utmost respect and commendation for all the work you’ve done for your board game, Kacpo! I’m just getting into board games and table-top RPs myself now and your game seems like something that would be right up my street! I suppose the only thing that bothers me is that, given that there are no other tank types currently, the medium…[Read more]

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    Jam frequencies are always a hot topic among people who play MnBR. As far as the game is concerned, the Russian weapons have a high jam chance because it is assumed the ones in the hands of the VC are of poor quality, ill-maintained and generally not reliable. Nevertheless, feel free to post in the forums about the Mosin’s current stats and…[Read more]

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    You can’t just go around asking people if they’re real, Lance! We all know the real enigma is Mo-Tah after all XD

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    Merry christmas, happy holidays and happy New Year from sunny Florida!

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    A monstrously heroic run, Lance and truly worth watching in its entirety! From a man of potions, to a man of, well, just about everything! Fizban went out there and became a hero of legends, starting from a place of having to flee all things.

    Just about everything happened (short of running into a dragon, much to your luck!). How ironic that the…[Read more]

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    Glad to hear it! Feel free to post your questions and experiences with the games on the forums!

  • I think you’ve got some good ideas, Arise. I also think that as part of an overhaul of the weapons system, bulk should also be taken into account. As Hyyppa mentioned a long time ago, a soldier weighed down by gear will never be as effective as one who can afford to be a bit more limber because his gear is lighter. While I don’t want to go so far…[Read more]

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    All in all, the suggestions are good so far. I’m happy to see everyone is excited about Recon coming to Steam and that everyone is willing to help make it a great game. However, I think it should be noted that this thread should focus mainly on what should be changed or added to make Recon great for a Steam launch.

    What I mean by this is that,…[Read more]

  • You read right, folks! Urb has officially confirmed that he is working on a version of Recon that will be coming to Steam and he is asking us as both urb gamers and Steam users to make suggestions on what should be added or removed from MnB Recon as it currently sits in order to make it Steam-ready.

    In my eyes, Recon has all the essentials and…[Read more]

  • Always cool to see this thread pick up with neat stuff, particularly all that nice space jazz that makes me yearn for a finished version of Flagshipped one day. Reminds me that I should also consider really sitting down and continuing that Alienuniverse story I teased, and maybe throw in some of you folks too.

    @Kacpo Feel free to consider…[Read more]

  • Excellent and informative video, Sayyed Lance. It’s quite a lot to remember, honestly, but I guess that’s what training relentlessly is for. Good to see I actually do some of these (Fire and Movement, boys!) and that MnB 3 and Recon seem to simulate the above very accurately. Would be interesting to see how much the tactics changed in Vietnam, if at all.

  • Following this last weekend, I have significantly more respect for, and do not at all envy the work our little in game Rangers do in the jungles of Indochina. As part of a class trip I had to take (liable to get flunked otherwise), I went out to the boonies around where I live along with around 60 other college students were guided as we hiked…[Read more]

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    When you’re playing Recon while vibing to synthwave and retrowave music in the background.

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    “I’m six days ahead and I know it’s going to be hard, why bother? It’s not like St. Lo’s going anywhere!”

  • Hello folks!

    Recently while reading about other people’s experiences in MnB Recon, I started thinking about the memo system in that game. My next thought after that was “Should there be something similar in MnB 3?” The Western European campaign following D-Day was a long one and there were plenty of opportunities for things to go both right and…[Read more]

  • All commando runs are my personal favorite, though perhaps in the future switching one guy out for an officer in the future may ameliorate the problem of perma-pins that commandos so frequently suffer from in tight situations.

    I’d say you dodged a bullet or 10 around the 6 minute mark when that German gunner had his MG42 jam. Commandos if not…[Read more]

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    Honestly, you’re my only German reference, thus why I thought you might find it funny as a car guy and a German. Rest assured, I hold you in high regard, my friend! I just figured you might sometimes find people’s German pronunciations to be a little lacking. Also maybe a hankering for lebkuchen 😉

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    Sounds neato, urb! Definitely got Waterworld vibes from the lore, though chances are this will be better, particularly if its even more lo-fi

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