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    Very impressive, particularly that you got the thing to actually level up. Did you find it was effective at killing things?

  • Sarge was formerly known as ‘Tiger bait’ for a short while. He can no longer claim that title, because the Germans don’t bother sending any tanks to fight him at all! As it turns out, it’s just a waste of time and Tiger tanks 😉

  • Sounds like you were recreating Hitman or any Keanu Reeves action films, Lance. Wouldn’t think the pistol would be so effective, but I guess max combat skill in urb games can make even the worst of weapons (think musket) deadly.

    Any particular reason you leave weapons for last? I assume it’s because you take advantage of the Springfield’s range.

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    Explosive kills do not give experience, unfortunately. Bad for anyone trying to level up their tank. Definitely something that should be changed/looked at in the future.

  • Survivor mode, like extraction missions where you have to hold out for a certain amount of time, can be brutal as hell because sometimes the combination of enemies on the screen that are thrown at you makes it impossible not to get hit by something. Banzai swordsman combined with MGs or snipers are a big pain par example.

    I’ve never used the…[Read more]

  • It’s good to see that you’ve continued to work on your board game since you mentioned it on the discord, and I’m also happy that others have responded to your efforts positively (I expected as much)

    The game certainly has a lot of complexity, with plenty of moving parts. After reading about some of the games mechanics like the soldiers and their…[Read more]

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    There was a small prototype that urb developed showing off ship-based combat, but I don’t think it ever went past the very early concept stage.

  • The return of a great legend! Welcome back, Bersimon! We hope you have a lot to share and we have any answers to your questions if you should have any.

    Once again, welcome back man!

  • You’re not wrong about the lethality (and randomness) of the mines in this game. Unfortunately, the current version of the game does not have mine spotting coded into the game. As a matter of fact, the game never has with the closest thing being that all mines were simply visible regardless of an engineer’s presence or level. That version of the…[Read more]

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    The MnB 3 section of the forum would be a good start. I think the Battle Reports thread might be just what you are looking for: http://mudandblood.net/new/forums/topic/battle-reports-aka-aar/

    Post your successes and failures and tales of heroism (or lack there of) and I’m sure people will give ’em a read

  • High level base defenses are definitely a no go for all the reasons listed above by Lance. Just the sheer fact that a single enemy soldier touching the table in the middle results in failure is enough to make me pass it. Definitely a mission type that could use a bit of reworking.

    Other missions that I don’t hate, but that can get on my nerves…[Read more]

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    While I think it might be a little too strong to have direct control over encountered allies like Montagnards, Kit Carsons and POWs, I think any weapons Free or weapons locked commands should absolutely apply to them. Same for pilots too. They should also all probably obey the rudimentary command of “Stick very close” or “Feel free to wander”,…[Read more]

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    Unfortunately the game code isn’t available for dissection. However, don’t let that stop you from making suggestions for the game in the forums, and maybe even include some code alternatives if you feel so inclined!

    • That’s fair, I just remember seeing a typo or two I wanted to fix, but for the life of me I can’t remember what they were.

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    I love the music from the Total War series! Ever since I was young and playing Rome, I fell in love with the soundtrack, particularly the soothing guitar/harp rifts in the campaign map. Same goes for the campaign music in Medieval 2. A great series all around, with great music all throughout!

    Here’s to more of it in the…[Read more]

  • Good to hear you’re able to play again, even if you do have to start from scratch

  • “A pleasure to meet you, Dreis! I hope you enjoy your drink and your stay with us. Feel free to share any fancy stories of your flights around the galaxy, friend!” The old sea captain asks, eager to hear tales of glory and valor in the cold vacuum of space.

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    I wouldn’t classify him as truly fearless unless you bought that gnarly surfboard, dude! ;D

  • Do you have your cookies enabled? Are running the latest version of Adobe Flash? Have you allowed the game set up a save on your hard drive?

    May not be able to help you, but they are worth a shot. Any other information like if other Flash games or urb titles are successfully running on your computer would be good too.

  • And the war over the Pacific intensifies! Makes yearn for MnB in that theater of war, though there is always Skirmish Line for that, yeah?

    Can’t say I don’t your sketch skills, Kacpo. I need to step up my game a lot, hehe.

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    I’m sure Col. FuckNut is certainly loved by his men and hated by the brass. The question is, what do the NVA and VC think of him?

    I’d say they curse the day they reckoned with him ;D

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