• Stryder Light posted an update 2 years, 6 months ago

    Anyone know when MNB3 will be open to public?

    • Fairly soon my friend, need to buff the Germans capabilities and add the forest preset. then a victory condition. Then this goes in open beta and we can add ribbons together and laugh at your videos. Sounds good?

      • That sounds amazing. Iv been curious cuz im reading about the people playing it. Seems like the good o’l death screen(MNB2) combined with the dam brutal bullshit you go through(Recon) Mixed into a beautifully unfair but amazing game XD
        Just want to say also, great games! Been playing for a couple years, and im glad your still going!

      • No urb that doesn’t sound good that sounds a fuckin mazing cant wait for the final product of this beauty.

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