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    It would still be here, Flash will just no be supported anymore, meaning no updates or fixes. But I’ve heard that MnB 2&3 will be combined together and you can switch between them and it would be in HTML5

    • Furthermore all Flash Hosting sites like Kongregate or newsgrounds will provide a standalone Falsh player for your browser so that all the games and stuff there will still function as if nothing bad ever happened.

  • A few bugs. When killing enemies with Claymore, the kills are not registered or are counted as 1. I literally just ended a mission with 7 VC dead on my screen to 1 Claymore and it was counted as 1 dead VC. Also sometimes when having your control panel up (Use, Drop, Carry 2nd Weapon etc) you can’t select or control you men. Apache helicopter…[Read more]

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    Mud n Blood works fine on Puffin browser, but the only downside is that it doesn’t save progress, so it gets a bit annoying

  • Been skimming through, so sorry if my idea/suggestion has already been said. Been playing Mud n Blood Recon for +2 years (since it was first released on Kongregate)

    You can call in an Arclight strike and it would obliterate completely everything in a 1×1 or even a 2×2 tile radius. Since this is OP as hell, it should be unlocked by a…[Read more]

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    If I may remember correctly, the silence weapons have reduced damaged & ranged than it’s unsilenced counter parts. But when the gun fires, you remain covert

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