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  • Sputnik posted an update 2 years, 8 months ago

    Hey, you guys wanna know what’s f***** up? I was trying to make my 56 waves per mission when i learned about the 6 man rule, so i kept my men to 6 people at most.
    It was going pretty smooth, we were holding good.

    But then, i saw a crate fall down. I sent one of my guys to pick it up since the germans were being held at the top of the map, and then…

    *A soldier was in the crate! Don’t ask…*

    A signaller.

    I took a second to register what just happened…

    I had 7 men.

    Before i could think ”Oh sh-” 20 opel trucks broke through my lines, i got bombarded, 20 battalions of germans stormed me and my entire defences were broken. My officer was shot and the rest of my men broke and ran.

    I closed the browser and left.

    • you shoud make a backup trench that has radios engineers and mg’s with a camo net on it so they dont record that they are on the battlefield, altho the enemy may destroy it

    • I’ve had a similar encounter. I was at wave 94, hoping to make 100 with just my starting 4 riflemen a mg gunner and a bazooka man. A crate dropped ontop of one of my men. There was a person in it, it was a Frenchie. I quickly realized I needed to get rid of him, however it was to late. The enemy germans quickly spawned in 3 tiger tanks and a wespe. I stood no chance.