• Hey, you guys wanna know what’s f***** up? I was trying to make my 56 waves per mission when i learned about the 6 man rule, so i kept my men to 6 people at most.
    It was going pretty smooth, we were holding good.

    But then, i saw a crate fall down. I sent one of my guys to pick it up since the germans were being held at the top of the map, and…[Read more]

    • you shoud make a backup trench that has radios engineers and mg’s with a camo net on it so they dont record that they are on the battlefield, altho the enemy may destroy it

    • I’ve had a similar encounter. I was at wave 94, hoping to make 100 with just my starting 4 riflemen a mg gunner and a bazooka man. A crate dropped ontop of one of my men. There was a person in it, it was a Frenchie. I quickly realized I needed to get rid of him, however it was to late. The enemy germans quickly spawned in 3 tiger tanks and a…[Read more]

  • Hello. New here. I LOVE mud and blood 2. Problem is, im trying to achieve the meritorous unit commendation, but it seems im not making the cut of 56 waves per mission. It seems that M&B was already played by me, even if i dont remember it or something like that. Ive got 13 missions left and i need to get atleast 56 waves per mission. Do i get a…[Read more]

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