• Yeshua posted an update 8 months ago

    Let me take a minute to share a Recon story from a good little ways back.
    So, it’s a hunter-killer mission, and although my heat percentile was relatively low, I felt confident enough in the possibility of reaching 6 kills that I took the opportunity. Now, I play Recon a bit recklessly in the fact that I mainly go in aggressively, with rifles at the ready, and this is obviously reflected in the load out that I give.
    Anyhow, back to the story at hand. On deployment, the heli that dropped us off took immediate heavy fire, so much in fact that I was completely perplexed as it sounded like an entire battalion of VC taking shots at the chopper. This prompted me to go in weapons free and trace the origin of the shots, yet I couldn’t find a single soul. In fact, around an hour of searches and bird dog flybys later I had only found 2 men to kill. I was so astonished that I just started to backtrack towards the LZ to figure out a plan. On our way to the LZ we ran into a single (so it seemed) VC soldier, which we immediately took up firing positions and dispatched. However, we started taking massive fire, and I thought I was crazy until I saw four barrels sticking out in different directions from this guy. Before any casualties became serious, Sarge threw a grenade towards the blob, and I kid you not about 30 VC soldiers flew back from the blast, all sprouting out from this single soldier. One of the most bizarre and enjoyable moments in this game for me.
    Keep up the great work, I’ve loved MNB for a long time.

    • Did some survive initial blast or all died?

      • Nah, in fact, I think I don’t think any died from the initial blast, as the lob wasn’t the best. A short (thanks to countless grenades being thrown down range) firefight ensued. Luckily, nobody was critically injured and we promptly got pulled out of there, lol.

        • That’s MnB for you. I am currently playing Recon after quite some time and I have a scary streak of victories, which makes me wonder when it will all go wrong.

    • Haha, You share the same play style my friend. Great story. I’ve had a few encounters like that, but not quite as major, lol. Rangers Lead the Way!

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